Going From The Pinch Collar To The Soft Collar

[Adam’s replies denoted by ‘>>’ within original question]

Dear Adam:

My pup is a 8 month-old male Labrador.

I have read your “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.” I have also just finished 8 private lessons with a trainer using the pinch collar. My question is: With the pinch collar on the lab works well; put a soft collar he won’t work the same; if fact, he won’t even go in a down sometimes. So I didn’t really teach this dog anything; only that he feared a correction with a “pinch.” What’s your opinions, and I’m sure you’ve got them.

First, there should be NO FEAR associated with the pinch collar. I’m assuming that you’ve misunderstood some of the basic concepts or you just described it peculiarly in your e-mail.

As for your question, here’s what you’re missing: CONDITIONING YOUR DOG TO THE BEHAVIOR. So far, all you’ve done is taught your dog to UNDERSTAND the behavior. But you have not turned the behavior into a CONDITIONED RESPONSE. This is why – in my book – I advise you to give the COMMAND-CORRECTION-PRAISE (enforcing the behavior every time you give the command) for the first couple of months. ESPECIALLY if the dog is less than a year old.

DO NOT SWITCH TO THE SOFT COLLAR BEFORE THE DOG IS CONDITIONED. You will be undoing your progress and teaching the dog to be collar smart. (Please review the section in the book about not teaching your dog to be collar smart).

P.S. I thought your book was really good and have toyed with the idea of putting another $100 bucks for the videos. I do though disagree with your opinion on dog parks. I love taking my pup to the dog park and he loves going. Its a great way in the evening to get all the excess energy out and see them collapse for the night. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with socialization, its just plain fun for them.


Junk food is fun, too. So is unprotected sex. And lawn darts. And small cars made by Koreans. And smoking dope in your mother-in-law’s bathtub. And wearing a yarmulke to your neighbor’s weekly Klan meeting. And going into a gift shop and asking THEM for your gift. (Alright, so I’m not only a JERK but I’m also a SICK JERK)

That’s all for now, folks!

Going From The Pinch Collar To The Soft Collar

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